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Startup Legal + Financial Fundamentals for Non-US Founders

18 lutego





Greg (Grzegorz) is the founder of Capbase, a software startup building legal and financial tools to simplify compliance for startups.

He previously founded a security startup developing bot detection software which was acquired by Integral Ad Science in 2016.

Agenda Spotkania

  1. How the choice of jurisdiction & entity type for your startup can open (or close) doors for raising money for your company
  2. Why do investors prefer common law jurisdictions?
  3. Why do companies register in Delaware?
  4. How does the Delaware flip work for founders converting their non-US entity into a US entity?
  5. Thoughts on funding eco-system in the EU and potential advantages of raising money from US VCs
    • Raising capital for Series A and onward will usually require sources of capital from outside the EU. There are plenty of seed funds in Poland and across the EU, but, often, this money comes with strings attached.
    • Institutional VCs are actively scouting for investment opportunities in Europe, Canada and India. Most angel investors are wary of ever investing in any non-US entities, as are many venture funds.
    • Tech VCs in the US are more willing to take risks, are used to investing at higher valuations, and will move fast to close a deal